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 Subject: Changes starting on January 1-1-22

 We wanted to inform you we have changed our policy and procedures for all service requests, payments, and contracts starting January 1st, 2022. The changes that will be made are listed below. 


Creating a ticket:

All requests for services, including but not limited to, changes to a website or social media platform, additional pages, upcoming promotions, or product modifications/additions must be put in writing via an email, thus creating a ticket. Please submit to Email at


Payments must be made first:

If you are not on retainer, once a request comes in, we will send you an invoice for the request. Once we receive your payment, you will receive an email back with an estimated time of when the request will be completed. If you are on retainer, you will receive an email back with an estimated time when you can expect the completion of your request.



We are no longer taking or responding to calls, texts, or emails later than 6 pm PST and not before 8 am PST.  We will respond during normal business hours. Should you need emergency assistance you can reference that in the voicemail or text, however, we will be now charging for emergency services, at $45 an hour, with a minimum of an hour. We will continue to provide excellent customer service, but we have to respect ours and our employees’ right to scheduled hours and days off. This also means we will have to charge for any calls that are longer than 30 minutes, once a month. All other calls throughout the month will be billed at $15 for each hour.

We appreciate your continued trust in us and look forward to many more projects with you.


Tracy and Lexi Gillum

LTG Design Services

(775) 386-8215



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